What is a trial and how far in advance should I book?


A trial is an opportunity to sit down with your artist and discuss your hair and makeup requests. It includes:

  • A consultation about your makeup & hair – essentially your likes and dislikes
  • A makeup application (includes false lash application)
  • Hair service with veil or headpiece
  • Face chart for the artist to help re-create the look

This could be done at your discretion, however I recommend at least three months before your wedding. This allows time assess the condition of your skin and eyebrows and perhaps suggest a skincare regime to help your skin be in top condition for your wedding.


Will my makeup last all day?


With the exceptional use of professional and luxury brands your makeup is guaranteed to last all day and night! I have ensured to have makeup that is sweat – water and tear proof yet still providing a well-hydrated, natural and flawless look.


How long will the makeup/hair application take during the trial?


The length of a trial is 1-2 hours for either hair or makeup, 2-3 hours for both hair and makeup. For a successful trial, it will be very helpful if you have a clear vision of what look you would like to achieve. Please bring some photos of makeup and hair ideas with you to the trial.


How should I and my wedding party prepare for the trial?


For makeup, that means having a clean, exfoliated and moisturized face.  Hair must be cleaned and dried, it is ideal to work with hair washed the night/day before. Please have it product free (the only exception is any de-frizz products for curly hair as long as they don't make the hair crunchy) and dry (unless you are getting a blowout in which case having it damp is okay).  If your hair is on the fine side and it tends to get greasy easily, please have it washed and dried that day.  If your hair is coarser or drier, washing it the day before is fine.  


People should arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled time, to settle in, do last minute errands, washroom break etc.
Please wear a button down top, easier for changing without ruining Hair and Makeup. Your Wedding Hair and Makeup will last all day & night, but it is best to bring and carry with you a lip gloss or lipstick. If everyone plans to pay for themselves, please have them pay for their service once finished. We find it helps keep everyone on track. Please wear a button down top, easier for changing without ruining Hair and Makeup. 


What is included in the Bridal makeup application?


A touch up kit will be provided for the bride on the day of her weeding. Additional touch-up kits are available for purchase for the bridal party.


What is the process to secure my wedding date?


 After your trial you will have a chance to review the bridal contract and terms. You have one week from the trial day to determine if you want to secure  your wedding day for which we then require, a $65.00 deposit.


Is there a travel charge?


If your location is in the Calgary area then there are no additional charges. If visitor parking is unavailable, a parking fee will also be added to the final bill. Please inquire for any locations not listed.


Flat rate for the following surrounded areas:


  • Banff  $130
  • Canmore  $100
  • Lake Louise  $185
  • Airdrie   $40          
  • Bragg Creek   $50         
  • Kananaskis  $100
  • Okotocks  $50    
  • Priddis  $50